Yesterday I had such an amazing time at the NCW Bridal Premiere! This was my very first show introducing HRJ Events. I can only give credit to Red Barn Farms, and my experience working wedding shows with my wonderful boss, Kay.

I remember being excited, and eager to promote this wonderful venue where I worked. I loved how Kay decorated her booth, and had thought of every detail. So now, four years later, when it was time for me to promote HRJ Events at a wedding show, I was ready. I felt prepared. I knew what to include in my booth, and was ready to meet each Bride with a smile on my face, and promote the heck out of my business. ;)

My day yesterday couldn't have been better! I received so much positive feedback from brides, mothers, and other vendors at the show! I felt so much love and encouragement from my friends & family, and even complete strangers. I met so many great people, and am ready to tackle what is turning out to be a very busy 2014 year!